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Lip Blush

Lip Blush


Lip Blush is a permanent makeup technique that intends to enhance your overall lips to be “your lips but better”. Lip Blush is incredibly versatile from being able to create a soft youthful blush tone to the lips to being able to create a more solid lipstick- like look. Lip Blush can be used to correct lip shape, symmetries and camoflaging scars in the target area. Lip Blush is one of the most innovative permanent makeup services when it comes to creating natural results.

Colour is determined through consultation with client but is highly recommended to bring in your favourite everyday lip colour for reference for artist.

Lip Blush can be preformed on those with or without any type of lip filler.

Those who have a history of cold sores (regardless of how long ago it may have been) are recommended to take an antiviral to prevent cold sores for the trauma to lip area during the procedure.

Lasting results based on proper aftercare and skin type, ranging between 18 months - 24 months

HEAL TIME: 5-7 days

PAIN LEVEL: Moderate

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