Elevating beauty through lasting luxury.

With a relentless dedication to quality and safety, we aim to empower individuals to embrace their authentic beauty, leaving a lasting impression of confidence and radiance.

Our purpose

We are passionate about creating individual confidence, and empowering women to boldly present themselves to the world in their unique style. We support all types of looks: polished and professional, casual and trendy, and everything in between.

We are obsessed with bringing the most on trend beauty services to you through multiple certifications and ongoing education with the world's best.

What makes KEJ different

We are dedicated to our clients, and aim to build genuine connection and trust when it comes to your beauty expression goals. You aren't an appointment to us; you are a client who we look forward to getting to know and assisting in enhancing your confidence for years to come. Self expression is a journey that changes with life seasons, and we want to be there through it all.

Meet our founder, Jessica


Our service menu is diverse enough to cater to any type of beauty goal, and any aesthetic you're after. We are passionate about individuality and creating custom looks for each client based on their lifestyles, facial structure, skin tones, and individual personalities. At the end of the day, we want all clients to feel they are truly putting their best foot forward, with confidence and to know that they have a trusted partner when it comes to self expression.